Thursday, March 24, 2011

A wild Distraction appears!

     Gah,sorry guys,I know I've been telling you things would happen and they haven't been happening. ><
I've been a little sick,I think something's going around 'cause I'm seeing a lot of other people posting about being sick on their blogs as well. On top of being sick I'm desperately trying to find work. It's just all slowing me down.

Here's another little Something to hold you over until then.

     Antics comics,written/drawn/whatevered by Stephen Gillan,is another randomish webcomics kind of like Bug,except Antics is much more 'out there' and is seen more from the 3rd person as Bug often tells you the story directly,and has real life situations. Antics is awesome and updates Mondays and Fridays


  1. Nice link. Also I love oatmeal, dragons are ok too. so im gonna follow this blog, yeah

  2. HAHA this is very interesting. Keep it up man :D

  3. Ha, nice find! I love web comics.

  4. Nothing wrong with "out there." Out there is good.