Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Bugs. Comics. Updates. Blah. :D

     A little something to hold you over/keep you busy until tomorrow. :D

     Bug Comic is a really awesome webcomic that just recently won the "Best Gag-A-Day" webcomic award,this guy comes up with some of the best jokes and situations I've ever seen in all my time on the internet,and he does it 5 days a week,I like to consider him the Jonathan Coulton of webcomics. don't know who Jonathan Coulton is? This should help remind you.

     Do me a favor,and take a minute of your day to click the Advertisement you'll see on your right,or even under this,leave it open for maybe 30-45 seconds,then close it out if you're not interested,I appreciate each and every click,you're really helping me out. ^^ To thank you,I'll be sure to keep kicking out interesting things for your eyes to drool over. I think tomorrow I'll give a review of my guitar,even though I have no amp,I can at least give you some pictures and give you my thoughts on the guitar itself.

    Until then,have a good night and don't forget about me in the morning. :D


  1. Done and done, I love webcomics and a new fresh one is always welcome.

  2. Cool reccommendation. Jon Coulton is awesome.

  3. I've been looking for a new webcomic to read for a while.

    This looks good.

  4. I'll have to check these out now

  5. hahahah some of these are really funny

  6. Haha I agree with nasbaumscorner. Those comics are great!