Sunday, March 27, 2011

Have Nice Day. :D

     Here's something for non-xbox gamers,as well as gun lovers.

     No,I have no problem with Xbox gamers,they're free to play however/whatever they want. Personally I'm a PC gamer,but the thing that bothers me about Xbox gamers is this whole red ring issue. You spend all this time getting your Xbox set up,and building up your profile and everything,then the entire thing just crashes and you have to buy an entirely new xbox to start all over again,and it's a known issue,yet Microsoft has yet to even attempt to fix it,and you just keep buying Xboxes. : / I just don't quite get it,I'm assuming it's just that you love your xbox so much you're not gonna let it go,which I can understand. See you on Steam sometime once I get my PC upgraded. (:

Game on.
Stay Metal.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Some stuff about life.

     So I mentioned finding work in an earlier post,and I thought I'd address this again,if the blog hits a snag every now and again,it's probably because I do have a life away from the internet (: and I'm trying to get ahold of my GED and a job,which is impossible right now...not my GED,a job. >< Where I live there seems to be a good handful of places hiring,but I have close to nothing,High School dropout and yet to obtain my GED,no work exp,no references,it's all just coming back around to me. I'm working on my GED when I have downtime from looking for a job,but there's a job fair at a newly opening Savers (Which is kind of like a thrift shop type of store for those that don't know.) on Tuesday and I plan on going down to see what I can get ahold of. Does anyone else have their GED? What level of education would you consider minimal to pass the test? The practice tests I've taken were practically elementary. Thanks.

Some Good Metal.

     Alright ya'll. A lot of you are interested in what kinds of music I'm gonna refer to you. So instead of just choosing one band at first,i'm gonna throw you a couple different groups to give you a solid taste of the kinds of things you should expect from me.

     This one should be painfully obvious,as anyone with an interest in metal has heard of these guys at least once. This band is definitely in my Top 5,and is a sound I NEVER get tired of.

     Amon Amarth,possibly one of the best Viking Metal groups I've ever heard of,has a real viking tone to it,the vocals are growly like a viking,yet not entirely non-understandable,the drums often sound like you could single them out and use them for your own war drums,and the guitars are low,melodic,and played very well.
 Definitely something to blast while you're playing your favorite medieval-themed game like Oblivion or something.

     Next up isn't really Metal,but probably something you could get into if you like metal. It's more "Industrial",but also goes by Aggrotech,EBM,it's got like a million different names but it's all basically the same thing.

     God Module has a great spooky sound,often with plenty of harshness thrown in,they have a very unique type of sound for their genre of music,and is great for playing your favorite horror games,except for ones where you need ears like...Amnesia.../Hides behind a randomly placed couch. (Well I suppose keeping it down low would work,and it'd probably make the game even scarier. Some people might not find it very scary,but when you're being chased down that hallway with 3 health left and some God Module pounding into your head,you'll feel it.

     This one's not quite metal either,but like I said,I'm just giving you an idea of what kind of things to expect,don't worry,metal is definitely my priority but I do try to open my eyes to different kinds of music as well. Now if you haven't heard of the youtuber Brentalfloss,you've probably never heard of these guys,they make,or rather used to make awesome 8-bit raps (SIT BACK DOWN),give them a chance,they're not really anything like the rappers you know like -Censored- or -Censored-,but they've definitely got talent and love what they do. Duane and Brand0 are big time old school gamers who are still in love with games like Castlevania and Battletoads,and they're here to use their words and beats to show you how much they love them. Their lyrics can often be garish and vulgar,but they mean well,what else can you do with rap? : /

     Here's a link to em 'cause I can't seem to embed the video for some reason.

     But if this rap scene bothers you,don't worry,video game rap is the only rap I listen to and it's incredibly hard to find.

That should give you an idea,even if rather vague,what kind of music I listen to,and what I'm going to be showing you in the future,thanks for following me around and I hope you continue to do so. ^^

Some guitar stuffs.

     Hey all,finally got around to doing some guitar stuff for you.
Like I told you before,I don't really have an amp,or even a decent recording camera,so I can't show you me playing just yet,but hopefully soon I can get something going,but right now,I'd like to show you what little I do have right now and give you my thoughts on it.

     Right now,all I really have is my Bronze Series Warlock from B.C. Rich,I got it from my dad awhile back,and while it's not at all a bad guitar,I'm not entirely fond of it,and will likely one day soon replace it with an Ibanez,I've got my eye on the IJX121 package from Musician's Friend,as I myself am a beginner and think it would be a great place to start,especially considering the budget I'm on. I do love Warlocks though,they've got a very interesting,yet not uncomfortable to play shape,this one has a nice beveled edge on both sides of the body,under each top horn,all the way down towards the bottom horns,the pickups are B.C. Rich BDSM humbuckers.

B.C. Rich guitars can take a beating,this thing's as solid as a rock,you could probably beat someone over the head with it and only have to play with the truss rod for a second to get it back in tune,which is probably what's happened to mine,my dad reportedly got it from a pawn shop,and it's got a bit of a chunk missing from the fretboard on the 17th fret,there's a dime-sized chip in the headstock,which I tried covering up with a trick I learned about on the internet which includes baking powder and ink of whatever color you need it to be,needless to say it didn't work out the way I wanted it to,and up close you can tell someone screwed with it,and how scratched and beat up the body is,but from far away it looks like a nice guitar,and is very well built,durable,and stays in tune pretty well. Mine's just very dirty.

 It's got your usual set of knobs,one for volume,one for tone,and a 3-way pickup selector switch,the head of mine has broken off so I've got  a little metal twig poking out that you have to grab with the very tips of your fingernails,other than that the body is made of Agathis,while the bolt on Maple neck sports a nice dark Rosewood fretboard with a full 24 frets.

 Other than all that,I'm not sure what else you could want to know,leave a comment with any questions you may have. (:

Overall Rating:7/10 -Something about the Bronze Series turns me off,and I'm trying not to let my emotional attachments to it reflect on my review,as I really just have a hard time looking at it,but regardless,it is a good guitar,might not be for everybody,as most B.C. Rich guitars are built for Metal,but if you're on my blog that's probably most of you listen to anyhow. (: Would very much like a higher end Warlock somewhere down the road,but for someone on a budget like myself,this would be a good place to start.

Neck Rating:8/10 -The neck is nice and smooth,and pretty wide,though I'd personally like different fretmarks,something about dot inlays and not having the bottom 2 on the 24th fret drive me insane.

Body Rating:9/10 -The Warlock has a very distinct shape,the beveling on the side makes it sit on your leg very comfortably while playing,and the spikiness doesn't get in the way at all,and looks pretty awesome,while I honestly cannot find Agathis wood on any guitar wood chart to find out if it's any good or not,it's been pretty good to me so far,and again,quite durable.

Playability:10/10 -It's not at all a bad guitar,it stays in tune for a good forever,it has nice wide frets,and you can get up in the higher frets without a problem.

Also,also,I use Ernie Ball Regular Slinkies,and currently use some Harley Davidson 1.00mm picks I found on ebay. Once I get serious I plan on some good Dunlop picks.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

A wild Distraction appears!

     Gah,sorry guys,I know I've been telling you things would happen and they haven't been happening. ><
I've been a little sick,I think something's going around 'cause I'm seeing a lot of other people posting about being sick on their blogs as well. On top of being sick I'm desperately trying to find work. It's just all slowing me down.

Here's another little Something to hold you over until then.

     Antics comics,written/drawn/whatevered by Stephen Gillan,is another randomish webcomics kind of like Bug,except Antics is much more 'out there' and is seen more from the 3rd person as Bug often tells you the story directly,and has real life situations. Antics is awesome and updates Mondays and Fridays

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Bugs. Comics. Updates. Blah. :D

     A little something to hold you over/keep you busy until tomorrow. :D

     Bug Comic is a really awesome webcomic that just recently won the "Best Gag-A-Day" webcomic award,this guy comes up with some of the best jokes and situations I've ever seen in all my time on the internet,and he does it 5 days a week,I like to consider him the Jonathan Coulton of webcomics. don't know who Jonathan Coulton is? This should help remind you.

     Do me a favor,and take a minute of your day to click the Advertisement you'll see on your right,or even under this,leave it open for maybe 30-45 seconds,then close it out if you're not interested,I appreciate each and every click,you're really helping me out. ^^ To thank you,I'll be sure to keep kicking out interesting things for your eyes to drool over. I think tomorrow I'll give a review of my guitar,even though I have no amp,I can at least give you some pictures and give you my thoughts on the guitar itself.

    Until then,have a good night and don't forget about me in the morning. :D

Monday, March 21, 2011

Freeman's Mind.

      If you've ever played Half Life,like 99% of gamers have,you'll enjoy this,it's a Machinima called Freeman's mind,created by a man named Ross Scott,who I swear is a genius.

     What is Machinima you might be asking? Well,if you've ever seen Red Vs. Blue,or the Team Fortress 2 Character introduction videos,that's basically the idea,it's kind of like cartoons mainly made by fans,starring video game characters,generally seen through actual gameplay,or something like Garry's Mod.

     It might start off a little slow,but really,keep with it,it gets almost unbearably awesome later on,though keep in mind Ross Scott doesn't spend much time on the internet,and new episodes are few and very far between.