Friday, March 25, 2011

Some guitar stuffs.

     Hey all,finally got around to doing some guitar stuff for you.
Like I told you before,I don't really have an amp,or even a decent recording camera,so I can't show you me playing just yet,but hopefully soon I can get something going,but right now,I'd like to show you what little I do have right now and give you my thoughts on it.

     Right now,all I really have is my Bronze Series Warlock from B.C. Rich,I got it from my dad awhile back,and while it's not at all a bad guitar,I'm not entirely fond of it,and will likely one day soon replace it with an Ibanez,I've got my eye on the IJX121 package from Musician's Friend,as I myself am a beginner and think it would be a great place to start,especially considering the budget I'm on. I do love Warlocks though,they've got a very interesting,yet not uncomfortable to play shape,this one has a nice beveled edge on both sides of the body,under each top horn,all the way down towards the bottom horns,the pickups are B.C. Rich BDSM humbuckers.

B.C. Rich guitars can take a beating,this thing's as solid as a rock,you could probably beat someone over the head with it and only have to play with the truss rod for a second to get it back in tune,which is probably what's happened to mine,my dad reportedly got it from a pawn shop,and it's got a bit of a chunk missing from the fretboard on the 17th fret,there's a dime-sized chip in the headstock,which I tried covering up with a trick I learned about on the internet which includes baking powder and ink of whatever color you need it to be,needless to say it didn't work out the way I wanted it to,and up close you can tell someone screwed with it,and how scratched and beat up the body is,but from far away it looks like a nice guitar,and is very well built,durable,and stays in tune pretty well. Mine's just very dirty.

 It's got your usual set of knobs,one for volume,one for tone,and a 3-way pickup selector switch,the head of mine has broken off so I've got  a little metal twig poking out that you have to grab with the very tips of your fingernails,other than that the body is made of Agathis,while the bolt on Maple neck sports a nice dark Rosewood fretboard with a full 24 frets.

 Other than all that,I'm not sure what else you could want to know,leave a comment with any questions you may have. (:

Overall Rating:7/10 -Something about the Bronze Series turns me off,and I'm trying not to let my emotional attachments to it reflect on my review,as I really just have a hard time looking at it,but regardless,it is a good guitar,might not be for everybody,as most B.C. Rich guitars are built for Metal,but if you're on my blog that's probably most of you listen to anyhow. (: Would very much like a higher end Warlock somewhere down the road,but for someone on a budget like myself,this would be a good place to start.

Neck Rating:8/10 -The neck is nice and smooth,and pretty wide,though I'd personally like different fretmarks,something about dot inlays and not having the bottom 2 on the 24th fret drive me insane.

Body Rating:9/10 -The Warlock has a very distinct shape,the beveling on the side makes it sit on your leg very comfortably while playing,and the spikiness doesn't get in the way at all,and looks pretty awesome,while I honestly cannot find Agathis wood on any guitar wood chart to find out if it's any good or not,it's been pretty good to me so far,and again,quite durable.

Playability:10/10 -It's not at all a bad guitar,it stays in tune for a good forever,it has nice wide frets,and you can get up in the higher frets without a problem.

Also,also,I use Ernie Ball Regular Slinkies,and currently use some Harley Davidson 1.00mm picks I found on ebay. Once I get serious I plan on some good Dunlop picks.


  1. Nice axe! Beats the pants off my old Epiphone. Do you prefer the humbuckers over single pickups?
    Love how your blog is coming along, keep it up!

  2. Hey thanks! ^^ I think it's doing pretty well myself.

    But yes,Humbuckers are far more sensitive to the strings and pick up much less interference and whatnot than single coils.

  3. Damn, nice guitar ._.
    I've been thinking of picking up an Epiphone Goth Thunderbird bass to learn on, myself :3

  4. I'd also like to get into Bass when I get a good grasp on regular guitar. (:

  5. Nice :D I'm a drummer myself, but still an interesting read, with pretty pics. +1 follow

  6. My first guitar was a B.C. Rich Warlock. I absolutely HATED it. Does it not sound like you throw a blanket over your amp when you plug it in?

  7. Haha,for the millionth time,I don't have an amp,but I'm sure that's probably just a pickup issue,some of the lower end warlocks come with the B.C. Rich BDSM pickups,which aren't great from what I've heard on youtube. If you ever give Warlocks another try,switch them out with some Blackouts or some EMG 81/85s,or if they've scarred you,maybe find a friend that has a good higher end warlock or maybe even down at your local music store.

  8. that's a pretty sick looking guitar!

  9. B.C. Riches are famous for their crazy metal shapes. (:

  10. sweet guitar, I have a bass that looks just like it!

  11. If I knew the first thing about playing guitar, I would defefently buy this one, it looks like it could kill an angry mother puma with a single glance