Sunday, March 20, 2011

First Post Evar. :o

Hallo all.

In this blog,I'd just like to tell you all about my life interests,and share interests with other people that may read this blog. I'm open to criticism,advice,or just tell me your own stories.

     It begins with the fact that I grew up poor in several ghettos in a big city,so I didn't have much,but what I did have I was grateful for. I'm one of those people that try my best to be happy with what little I have because I could very well not even have that much. I,like most boys,grew up heavily invested in video games,they were my best friends because I was always the fat kid,and it was very hard to make friends. >.< As a little one,my best friends were games like Pokemon,Final Fantasy,Dragon Quest,and such. All the big name games like that,because I didn't really have the money to get games that I didn't know were good,and was afraid of not liking a game,thus wasting money I barely even had.

     I had a mess of a PC growing up as well,my Father was big on computers and knew how to get things of the sort cheaper,or possibly for trade and such. But again,I was rather limited to games such as Half Life and Diablo. Oddly enough,I'm absolutely in love with video games,but often don't finish them,I would get close to the end of the game,then for whatever reason,lose interest,start playing something else,and forget all about it,an issue I am currently trying to overcome. Nowadays,about 10 years later,I'm an aspiring Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer,I play a much wider range of games,though still horribly limited due to the crappy Dell I've had the last 5 years or so,though I did get the chance to play through Left 4 Dead and Left 4 Dead 2 while living in Arizona for a year with my Father recently. I also got into Team Fortress 2,picked up on the electric guitar,the only one I currently own is a beat up B.C. Rich Warlock Bronze Series,but I'm looking to replace her one day with a nice Ibanez of some kind,I'm interested in the RG series.

     I was also very interested in music growing up,and still listen to some of the same bands today,such as KoRn,System of A Down,and Yngwie Malmsteen. I honestly wish I had picked up the guitar much sooner,but I'd always been afraid of not being very good at it,watching Yngwie Malmsteen was quite discouraging,because every time I'd watch him I'd think of how I'd never be that fast,or that good,but today I'm giving it a shot. I've gotten past a lot of my childhood modes of thinking,about how I'd never be able to do something like that,or spending money,I've given myself more of an "At least I can say I tried" attitude.

     It is a new day,and I'm doing my best at everything,this world shall not break me,I have simple dreams and I will not be denied them. Anything can be accomplished with hard work and determination,and as lame as this is sounding,it's absolutely true. Well that's me to begin with,but now I'd like to hear about you. Tell me how you grew up,what you're interested in,what your goals in life are,if you're unhappy with life and why,maybe I,or someone else in the comments can help point you towards a solution.

Stay Metal.


  1. you sould alot like me....i think you would enjoy my blog honestly ;)

  2. I love video games.

    I LOVE metal.

    I think I'll write about that in my blog too...

  3. Play console games much? PSN is my battleground. Either way, Portal 2 will be PS3-PC compatible via steam, maybe we can team up then!

  4. Haha,well,the newest console I've got is a PS2,and my computer isn't anywhere near able to run anything that up there,but surely when I can find the money to upgrade this thing we'll have to get that going. ^^

  5. Good luck with the blog, you'll do fine! Just write about what you like. And its good that you want to remain stiff. Try not to let the little things wear you down. Remember what Courage Wolf says. "There is no defeat...only delayed victory"

  6. Thanks a lot! (:

    I love Courage Wolf.

  7. That's such an inspiring post..

  8. Good start man, keep them coming

    Followed to see what you got

  9. I know how you feel with the getting discouraged thing. I play drums, and watching some people on youtube makes me want to sell my kit, and find a new hobby :b