Friday, March 25, 2011

Some Good Metal.

     Alright ya'll. A lot of you are interested in what kinds of music I'm gonna refer to you. So instead of just choosing one band at first,i'm gonna throw you a couple different groups to give you a solid taste of the kinds of things you should expect from me.

     This one should be painfully obvious,as anyone with an interest in metal has heard of these guys at least once. This band is definitely in my Top 5,and is a sound I NEVER get tired of.

     Amon Amarth,possibly one of the best Viking Metal groups I've ever heard of,has a real viking tone to it,the vocals are growly like a viking,yet not entirely non-understandable,the drums often sound like you could single them out and use them for your own war drums,and the guitars are low,melodic,and played very well.
 Definitely something to blast while you're playing your favorite medieval-themed game like Oblivion or something.

     Next up isn't really Metal,but probably something you could get into if you like metal. It's more "Industrial",but also goes by Aggrotech,EBM,it's got like a million different names but it's all basically the same thing.

     God Module has a great spooky sound,often with plenty of harshness thrown in,they have a very unique type of sound for their genre of music,and is great for playing your favorite horror games,except for ones where you need ears like...Amnesia.../Hides behind a randomly placed couch. (Well I suppose keeping it down low would work,and it'd probably make the game even scarier. Some people might not find it very scary,but when you're being chased down that hallway with 3 health left and some God Module pounding into your head,you'll feel it.

     This one's not quite metal either,but like I said,I'm just giving you an idea of what kind of things to expect,don't worry,metal is definitely my priority but I do try to open my eyes to different kinds of music as well. Now if you haven't heard of the youtuber Brentalfloss,you've probably never heard of these guys,they make,or rather used to make awesome 8-bit raps (SIT BACK DOWN),give them a chance,they're not really anything like the rappers you know like -Censored- or -Censored-,but they've definitely got talent and love what they do. Duane and Brand0 are big time old school gamers who are still in love with games like Castlevania and Battletoads,and they're here to use their words and beats to show you how much they love them. Their lyrics can often be garish and vulgar,but they mean well,what else can you do with rap? : /

     Here's a link to em 'cause I can't seem to embed the video for some reason.

     But if this rap scene bothers you,don't worry,video game rap is the only rap I listen to and it's incredibly hard to find.

That should give you an idea,even if rather vague,what kind of music I listen to,and what I'm going to be showing you in the future,thanks for following me around and I hope you continue to do so. ^^


  1. I have a friend who loves Amon Amarth... dunno why.

  2. This is nthn but whorizontal.
    If you wanna see POW!er, bro,
    ya better look to Jesus.
    Make Your Choice -SAW